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 Whether you're getting ready to sell, maintaining, preserving the historic integrity or creating a safe home for your family, we have multiple options available to enhance your home and meet

your needs and budget. 


Infra - Red Heat Stripping

In accordance with all current EPA laws, safely and efficiently removes all paint down to bare wood.

Although the most costly option, the end result provides a clean slate to ensure a long lasting paint job on older homes. Reasons to strip: Preserve historic integrity and apearance of the wood and virtually lead free environment for children. 

Interior or Exterior. 


(High Efficiency Particulate Air)

Recent advancements in technology have now made this an affordable option in managing lead paint. 

This option is most used for aesthetics as well as areas that are prone to peeling and bubbling year after year.


This option has a very controllable cost since it can be applied to small or large areas.

Interior or Exterior


For houses built before 1978, Lead Safe Practices are required. We achieve this using EPA approved methods:

Plastic Ground Cover

Containing dust with water

Scraping with hand tools

Protective gear

Safe entry for homeowner

Daily clean up

Visual Inspection

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