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"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after

the sweetness of low price is forgotten"

Since 2005 our companies main focus has been older homes with lead base paint issues. 

In 2010 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) put into affect laws that would serve to protect all people working in a field that can potentially pose a lead hazard. These laws eliminate or greatly reduce the exposure not only to workers but homeowners and families, neighbors, and the surrounding environment. 


We have dedicated ourselves to understanding how lead base paint affects the overall painting process. How it changes and evolves over time and affects new paint. We have gained intimate knowledge of how to work with it and anticipate it’s ever changing demand for attention. We are licensed and trained in accordance to all EPA federal and state laws and rules on how to safely work with Lead Paint in a variety of abatement processes. All employees are trained daily and attend weekly safety meetings to insure everyone is following the laws and protecting themselves and our homeowners from the hazards of lead base paint. We are able to educate homeowners on the technical condition of their paint and give them all the options available so they can make an educated decision on what option works best for them. 

Boss man hard at work.jpeg
Owner-Rick pulled out of retirement

Rick and Rose started Shades of Rose Painting with a single project that they worked on together by themselves.

Rick has over 40 years of experience in the painting industry working with old homes and painting in the sometimes challenging conditions of the NW. 

Together they took a smart and slow approach to starting a business and let it grow over time. Today they have an established company that is known in the industry and the community by name. Yes Shades of "Rose" is named after Rick's wife Rose.

Rick and Rose Trudeau

VP of Operations -  Tyler Klumpp


Running all daily operations of the business. 
Maintaining a consistent communication with clients.
Selecting a skilled crew and training them.
Keeping current with product and tool knowledge.
Daily hands on painting and carpentry work. 
Estimates and color consultation.
Lead Safe Practices education for the homeowner.

Tyler Klumpp
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